A better question is: why donate is not an obligation? I know that there're individual rights that we must respect but I mean donating in the way that when you die you don't need your organs anymore but another people depend on them to live or to improve their cuality of life! So, why not? I would like you to reflect on a minute about it, i think it's really important. In my point of view, our society needs to change their way of thinking.
1- Miedo al tráfico de órganos/ desconfianza a las autoridades e instituciones

2- Miedo a que se apure la muerte

3- Dudas sobre el concepto de muerte

4- Por falta de información

5- Nunca lo pensé/ No estoy preparado para pensarlo

6- Me molesta pensar el tema/ No estoy preparado para pensarlo

7- Otros

8-No sabe/ No contesta